Palm sunday Spicy fish tacos Muy Bueno!!

Palm sunday,so let’s do Spicy fish tacos.Orange  roughy makes the best fish tacos,great taste.I’ll use for myself about 1 1/2 pounds!I’m using flour tortillas so lets them wait for now.You will need 1 whole medium to large purple cabbage/washed…shredded,place into bowl.Next two large tomatoes/washed..chopped,placed into another bowl.One large sweet onion peeled..chopped and placed into separate bowl.One bunch of cilantro/washed..paper towel dry by rolling cilantro,this will absorb the water/finely chopped and placed into small bowl.One large Habanero(wear gloves) finely chopped,placed on a small dish .Cover all ingredients with a moist paper towel..except Habanero and onions,place into fridge until ready to use.Preheat oven to 325!On a lightly oiled cooking sheet place fish down,top with lemon pepper and cook for twenty minutes.Pull fish from oven,place onto large dish,chop while adding the Habenaro.Lets eat!Grab a tortilla fill with Spicy fish.. add onion,shredded cabbage,tomatoes and top with cilantro and squeezed lime juice.Enjoy,bon appetit! Palm sunday Spicy fish tacos Muy Bueno! thankyou very much.Dessert much later frozen blackberry yogurt! 🙂


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Outgoing,love to laugh,Cooking,River Rafting,Concerts,Baseball,Volleyball,Football,Basketball,UCLA Bruins,Dodgers, Phoenix Coyotes,AZ Cardinals,Oakland Raiders,Movies,Staying Home and Cuddling,Eating Popcorn :)~ everything positive.......... 420's Jerry time!
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