Summertime,time for Spicy salsa!Muy Bueno

It’s Springtime/Summertime… time for Spicy salsa!I use the # 10 can of diced tomatoes with chiles,it’s easy and when your making a large amount a lot simpler.You can get this product at Costco’s or Smart and Final grocery stores.Pour the open can into a large bowl.Next you will need 5 Jalapeno,5 Habanero,5 Cali peppers and 5 medium sweet onions.You must wear gloves when dicing the peppers and onions,add all to the bowl and stir.Next lets add 1-16 oz can of pitted black olives,chopped and thrown into bowl.Next 5 heaping tablespoons of minced garlic,also 1 large cucumber, chopped…along with 1-16 oz can of pineapple drained and chopped.Mix into bowl with other ingredients.Salt to taste!Grab 1 bunch of cilantro,finely diced,add to bowl and mix with 2 medium limes squeezed over all.Now lets get my secret ingredient Shhh 1- 12 oz bag of shelled sunflower seeds,mix.Thats it! I’ll make this throughout the summer,maybe 5 times..this a great way to lose weight,while enjoying a tasty treat as a snack or in-between meals with chips or celery.I will use this on my Tritip dishes,fish dishes,shredded beef tacos and all spanish dishes…it also taste good on cottage cheese!Triscuits/Ritz crackers,almost anything you can’t go wrong.If the salsa is to HOT,you can cool it down with a sharp cheddar cheese mix into the salsa or a side of sour cream.Remember if any thing is to HOT,never ask for water.Water enhances the fire in your mouth from the peppers,best solution is always diary products.Milk is the best.I saw this one guy throw a glass of milk on his face because of the burning sensation on skin/face..IT WORKS! But tough it out,don’t wimp out..It’s Summertime,Spicy salsa time! MUY BUENO..bon appetit,now grab me my Cherry Pepsi,wimpy! Dodgers are on the air tonight ESPN 2 5pm  game 4 as Dodger BlueCrue go after the series win.


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Outgoing,love to laugh,Cooking,River Rafting,Concerts,Baseball,Volleyball,Football,Basketball,UCLA Bruins,Dodgers, Phoenix Coyotes,AZ Cardinals,Oakland Raiders,Movies,Staying Home and Cuddling,Eating Popcorn :)~ everything positive.......... 420's Jerry time!
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