Steelhead trout/ steamed veggies,spicy pineapple salsa

Today it’s another favorite from the past.Steelhead Trout which I like over regular Salmon,cleaner taste-just ask your local meat counter person and they can order it for you,Albertsons here in Az orders it when they can.My dinner is cooking as I type,it just felt like a good day for some Steelhead-Giggity!First pre-heat your oven to 325 degrees.Now lets make the salsa.I use four medium size tomatoes..chopped and place into bowl.1 medium size sweet onion..chopped and placed into bowl.1 habanero finely diced(wear gloves) place into bowl..1 jalapeno finely diced and placed into bowl.Fresh minced garlic,about a large heaping spoonful and fresh cilantro finely chopped and placed into bowl,chop about 1/2 cup of pineapple…sprinkle lime juice over and mix together/chill in fridge.Next grab your cooking pan and lightly oil bottom,than place Steelhead trout,skin down unto pan,sprinkle lime juice over trout with lemon pepper and place in oven for twenty minutes.While the Trout is cooking grab veggies-broccoli tips,cauliflower and baby carrots…wash and place into basket over pot filled with water.. enough water to hit just below basket.I like my veggies Al Dente’..To the bite’ place all veggies into basket and let them steam for the rest of the bake time,maybe 10 minutes.Thats it! Pull Steelhead trout from oven,plate it with veggies and top with spicy pineapple salsa serve with large cherry pepsi………………….Enjoy bon appetit..later dessert frozen blackberry yogurt.gotta go YOTES HOCKEY! big game tonight,must win….1st period 2 minutes left  1-1 …………………………. RED ICE….HOWLIN’


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Outgoing,love to laugh,Cooking,River Rafting,Concerts,Baseball,Volleyball,Football,Basketball,UCLA Bruins,Dodgers, Phoenix Coyotes,AZ Cardinals,Oakland Raiders,Movies,Staying Home and Cuddling,Eating Popcorn :)~ everything positive.......... 420's Jerry time!
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