Spring training games no time to cook.Peach Brandy Liquor time!

Spring is the air,ballgames all-over the valley of the sun and who what’s to cook.You can check-out my older post to find some AWESOME meals.So with that said.I have a couple of recipes that is so easy to make,these two recipes are better used towards the middle of summer,June/July but will still work now!all you will need is a 1 quart jar with lid with about 20 Peaches and 1 cup of sugar and 2 cups of water .Here we go! washed peaches,peel and pit peaches than place pits’ and skins’ into quart jar,next boil water and sugar to make a syrup and pour over pits’ and skins’ about 1 inch from the top and seal jar with lid so it’s a tight fit and place in a cool place,my suggestion is a cupboard towards the back.Thats It! Leave in cupboard for about 4-6 months,Just forgetaboutit! I would make multiply QUART JARS,maybe 8 to 10.Once the process is done you can drain the contents from jar and serve.Peach Brandy!Another way that works as well is get a 8 quart dutch-oven or crock pot and place washed peaches in bottom to layer,while adding sugar per layer-peaches/than sugar.You what to maybe layer it three times with peaches and sugar,taking it up to about 1 inch from the top.Cover with Saran wrap and place lid on top and put into cupboard for about 4-6 months.The only difference is that you’re using the whole peach and you would need to drain the contents and could use the peaches for toppings with ice cream!You can also use Plums’ or Strawberries’ The Philadelphia Dutch,use to bury their Quart jars deep under ground in the old days! am sure there are many people still doing it this way,but a cupboard is a lot easier to maintain!  Salute’Peach Brandy Liquor!  GO DODGERS!! 🙂


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