Tradition,isn’t what I remember of days gone past. 1-2 start to the weekend

Well,Thanksgiving started as a day as any other day,except of being put to the test of my early games, I went for as a Traditional  football game of the past,possible upset.Right, as if it wasn’t hard enough to watch the Lions take a first half into the locker room as Pride walking amongst the Lions of yesterday past. Traditional football game,maybe it was the uniforms that I don’t even remember those helmets don’t look as I remember them,wares the helmets they worn in the 70’s and 80’s.These uni’s looked as if they went back to their first days of running the gridiron gang.What we got was a very young Lions team,a well-rounded team that needs a little fine tuning.What we got was a second half tired,slow,and off balanced from the first half team.That cut into their after dinner Turkey a little bit to soon,and enter back onto the field for the second half Lion stomp,as baby-tired baby little cubbies.Cute,Wrong,if the Pride are entering the half leading,they  better well bring that same energy they ignited in the first half.Coming out in a Pride,ready to pounce,savage Lions game is to be played for 60 minutes,and not 30,or maybe 42 if your lucky.Anyway I lost,I also lost my Tradional Dallas game,why, who knows.I know I hate Dallas,and know I have friends that are cursing for that message,am sure of it..I just calls them hows I sees them.I did save a win by those my amazing Jets flying below the headlines.So ask me about Tradition…TRADITION…tradition,and I’ll say go rent the Fiddler on the Roof,there’s your tradition,or maybe rent Dam Yankees’,there’s Tradition  …So going into the weekend am 1-2,check out my week 12 football picks.


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Outgoing,love to laugh,Cooking,River Rafting,Concerts,Baseball,Volleyball,Football,Basketball,UCLA Bruins,Dodgers, Phoenix Coyotes,AZ Cardinals,Oakland Raiders,Movies,Staying Home and Cuddling,Eating Popcorn :)~ everything positive.......... 420's Jerry time!
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