Amare Stoudemire…………Good Bye to You

Sometimes as a Athlete  we get a glimpse at the big picture and ask ourselves is the grass greener on the otherside or is it just that Grand Illusion that baits us to accept the Hand of Fate,in Amare’s case it’s pure GREED taken by the Agent that held is future at Bay….Phoenix Suns offered Amare 95.5 million for 5 years he turned that down to make the move to NY for 96.5 million with added incentives bringing the total to close to 100 million.ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Amare to give up you Fan base,teammates as well as the the Phoenix Suns this is shameful….what the Suns offered you was more then enough to play here in AZ,more money then you’ll ever spend ,what it comes down to is PURE GREED-GREED by your Agent and greed by YOU.your best year was 2005,all your records set were against Western Teams,all your best games were against Western Teams except one- that was Frees throw attemps 22 NY Knicks,were you only shot 71.1 percent-LOL- the Suns were at a level of winning a Division the Knicks haven’t done anything in over 10 years.with this new Russian Owner who thinks that he can bye a team …GOOD LUCK …Wade is staying in Miami,Lebron is staying in Cleveland if anything you just signed their Deals and made them even sweeter for their respective Teams…….theres is outside chance you might get Boozer-SO WHAT-Amare you have to play harder on the East coast and much more being put under a close watch-in a NY  Minute-things change and Fans are ruthless and turn quickly if you don’t deliver them a Title you’ll be asking yourself why did I make the move.Amare shows up when Amare whats to show up,you miss layups,you miss second chance rebounds and you’ll  miss the Phoenix Suns-I hope you were smart to keep your Home here! Goodluck to the fastpace Ny lifestyle” I remember the Good times and the Bad times too’  Amare Stoudemire…………Good Bye to You


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